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Resilience webinar

How Can I Be More Resilient?

Tuesday, 2nd June 

5:00pm (BST)

Have you been feeling under pressure recently?

Or perhaps you are feeling anxious about your future in the post-pandemic world?

Join resilience expert, Noel Clerkin, for a free 40 minute webinar to find out how you can regain a sense of control and become more resilient.

You will learn:

  1. Why we feel stressed, even if we are not overworked.

  2. How you already have many of the resources you need to be resilient.

  3. Why resilience is not about being tough.

  4. Steps you can take now to build resilience.

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About Noel

Executive Coach and Facilitator since 2002

Noel has worked with hundreds of clients over the years, helping people overcome the most extreme personal and professional pressures. ​

His personal mission is to ensure that his clients can enjoy the experience of being alive, as well as changing the thoughts and behaviours that are keeping them stuck.

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