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6-Week Mindful Eating Course

Learn the practice of mindful and intuitive eating

Start date:  Thursday 1st October, 2020 at 6:00pm BST

Who can benefit from Mindful Eating?


This course is for you if you:

  • Want to improve your relationship with food

  • No longer wish to feel guilty about food

  • Are tired of dieting and restriction

  • Are fed up with “food rules”

  • Have trouble with overeating

  • Have challenges with certain foods

  • Want a more relaxed relationship with food

  • Want to stop the inner-critic around food

Start date: Thursday 1st October, 2020 at 6:00pm BST

Programme Benefits

The 6-Week Mindful Eating programme includes:

6 x weekly online classes

6 x 90-minute interactive, experiential and practical classes held LIVE ONLINE via Zoom


Guided meditation recordings (including mindful eating meditations) and exercises

Home Practice Support

Exclusive weekly course workbooks and notes support home practice

Programme Materials

Mindful Eating Journaling between sessions – to support your journey

Post-Course Support

A 90-minute follow-up session one month after the end of the course

Free Extra

30-day Self-compassion email course

Course Modules

Research has found that “how” you eat can have a more positive and lasting effect on your health than “what” you eat. So if you learn to eat consciously and mindfully, you will have a new experience with food and eating and find new enjoyment from food.

Week 1:

Food rules, dieting & the purpose of eating

Week 2:

Hunger & body cues

Week 3:

Triggers & emotional eating

Week 4:

Taste & sateity

Week 5:

Eating & emotions - exploring what you are really hungry for

Week 6:

Outer wisdom and gentle nutrition

October 2020 Session Dates:


Thursday evenings, 6.00pm-7.30pm (UK and Ireland - BST):

  • Week 1: Thursday 1 October

  • Week 2: Thursday 8 October

  • Week 3: Thursday 15 October

  • Week 4: Thursday 22 October

  • Week 5: Thursday 29 October

  • Week 6: Thursday 5 November


Follow-up session:

  • Week 7: Thursday 3 December

Mindful Eating Modules

6-Week Introduction to Mindfulness Course


Early bird offer: £150

If booking by 16th September.


The benefits of mindful eating include:

  • Developing a healthier relationship with food through non-judgmental awareness

  • Increased awareness of body cues relating to hunger and satiety

  • More enjoyment of food through your mindful presence

  • Guilt free eating – ability to enjoy the foods you love

  • More awareness of thoughts and emotions relating to food

  • Awareness of cues that lead you to make certain food choices

  • Understanding urges and how to manage them mindfully

  • Helps shift from being controlled by food to being at ease with food choices and with eating

Places are limited, so please book to avoid disappointment.

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Programme Tutor: Bernadette Dijkhuizen-Keogh

Certified Mindfulness and Nutrition teacher with 20 years experience.

Bernadette is a mindfulness trainer and nutritional therapist. This course brings together her two passions. Having worked for years in highly pressurised corporate business roles, Berndadette now brings her life experiences to her mindfulness teaching, allowing her to connect with the issues that people are facing and to work on practical solutions through mindful living.

Bernadette is a certified Mindfulness Skills teacher and has been practising mindfulness and meditation for over 20 years in various traditions. She has also studied the evidence based MB-EAT teacher training.

Berni pic.jpg
About Bernadette

1.     Do I need previous experience of mindfulness to attend this course?

 No, you do not need previous experience of mindfulness to attend this course


2.     I am receiving treatment for a diagnosed eating disorder.  Can I join the course?

If you are currently receiving treatment for an eating disorder, we do not recommend you sign-up for this course. 


3.     Will this course help me lose weight?

This is not a weight loss course, rather a course that will help you improve your relationship with food.  Weight loss may occur when you introduce Mindful Eating techniques, but this is not the goal of the course.


4.     Will I learn about healthy eating on this course? 

This course is focused on how you eat not what you eat.  Healthier food choices may be an outcome of this course – but it is not the focus of the course.  One session will spend some time exploring outer wisdom and gentle nutrition.


5.     I am unable to attend one of the live sessions.  Can I still attend?

It is recommended that you attend the live sessions where possible.  But there will also be a recording of the session if you do miss one week – so you can still sign-up even if you can not make all the sessions live


6.     I have food allergy/intolerance.  Will this stop me from attending the course?

The food you choose for the Mindful Eating exercises and meditations is entirely up to you – and therefore fits with any dietary lifestyle or food restrictions.


7.     I am vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian etc.  Will this stop me from attending the course?

The food you choose for the Mindful Eating exercises and meditations is entirely up to you – and therefore fits with any dietary lifestyle or food restrictions.

If you have any further questions please email us

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