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Online Resilience- Essentials Coaching Programme

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From Surviving to Thriving in 4 Weeks

Too many people have become accustomed to simply getting by.

This is known as 'surviving' and it is a stressful and unsatisfying way to live.


A better way is called 'thriving' and our Resilience-Essentials programme will show you how to do it.  

  • Coaching and Diagnostics

4 x 75mins group coaching sessions (max 5 people), plus personalised resilience diagnostics using heart monitoring.

  • Education Modules

Unique content which has been tried and tested with high performers in busy corporate environments.  

  • Experienced Executive Coach

This course is designed and delivered by senior leadership coach and resilience expert, Noel Clerkin, who has been guiding people through challenges for almost 20 years.


  1. Feel more energised and motivated

  2. Understand and apply the science of behaviour change

  3. Regain control in the face of external challenges and uncertainty

  4. Learn how to prevent stress from derailing you

  5. Become more resilient

Programme Benefits

Your package is designed to give you all that you will need to shift from the stress of surviving to the joy of thriving. 

Tools and Educational Material

Access to research backed tools that have been used to improve the performance of hundreds of people. Many of these are corporate leaders in high pressure roles, whom we have supported through our sister organisation, WiserWorking.

Weekly Masterclass and Coaching

4 x 75 minutes weekly online sessions. The sessions will consist of a blend of teaching and coaching. Learn how to apply the tools to your own situations and use this knowledge to handle future challenges, so you will never again get stuck in survival mode.  

Personal Support

The programme includes 1:1 support from a highly experienced coach who will act as your teacher and sounding board.

Resilience Diagnostic (Optional)

You will have the option to avail of 3-day heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring to assess your current stress/recovery balance. This technology is used by elite athletes and professional sports teams to optimise their performance. *

Ongoing Support

Post-webinar emails and closed Facebook support group for all your questions and success stories.

Preferential Access

Generous discounts on other Wiser Living programmes.

* Additional fee of £149, which includes mailing device to your home and receiving a 1:1 debrief of your results.

Due to the mailing arrangements for this service, it is only available to participants in UK and Ireland.

Programme Outline
Masterclass Modules

Each module includes learning and coaching, with time for questions and discussions. Group are limited to six to ensure sufficient coaching and reflection time for each participant. 


Why Transformation is possible – even if you are stuck

  • Surviving V Thriving

  • Why we get stuck?

  • Our plastic brain

  • Assessing your readiness to change


Setting Your Direction

  • How to figure out what you really want

  • Why goals are overrated

  • Habits and how to build them

  • The courage to be happy


Why stress will derail you – and what to do about it

  • Biology of stress

  • Spotting hidden stress

  • Thinking traps that keep you stuck

  • Taking back control


Building Resilience – The great enabler of performance

  • Biology of Resilience

  • Using CORE (Continuous Optimisation of Resilience and Energy) Model

  • The 3 C’s you need to be more resilient


How to be happy - lessons from Positive Psychology

  • The science of thriving

  • Broaden and build theory

  • Learned Optimism


What is your Purpose in life?

  • Why Purpose matters

  • Finding your Why?


Implementing your Purpose

  • How will you express your Purpose?

  • Creating your vision


Stepping forth with confidence 

  • Where does confidence come from?

  • The power of small wins

  • Expressing your strengths


Surviving to Thriving Resilience Coaching Programme


Usually £3,500 (when delivered as part of a corporate programme)


This in-depth, integrated coaching programme includes:

  • 8 online coaching/learning sessions

  • All masterclass materials and workbook

  • 2 x 30-minute 1:1 calls

  • Email support

  • Firstbeat resilience diagnostic worth £300

  • Discounts for other Wiser Living programmes

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Programme Tutor: Noel Clerkin

Executive Coach and Facilitator since 2002.

Having worked with hundreds of clients over the years, Noel has helped people overcome the most extreme personal and professional pressures. 

He has witnessed the common pitfalls that undermine people's performance and well-being, including the role of stress. Noel has curated this programme to include the most comprehensive and  practical toolkit for optimal living.


His personal mission is to ensure that his clients can enjoy the experience of being alive, as well as changing the thoughts and behaviours that are keeping them stuck. 

About Noel

Is this programme suitable for everyone?

The programme is suitable for most people, but this programme is unsuitable for participants who:


  • Are under 18

  • Currently suffering from chronic depression, psychiatric conditions or personality disorders 

How do I access the Masterclasses?

The sessions will be delivered weekly via Zoom. Once you have signed up to the programme you will be sent the access code. If you cannot make the live class, you will be emailed the recorded session.

How much time will I need to dedicate to the programme?

You will need to set aside 75 minutes per week for the online sessions and another 30-60 minutes for offline exercises. 

How many 1:1 sessions do I get?

As part of the programme you get 2 x 30 minute check-ins with Noel. 

Is this programme for men, women or both?

The programme is for everyone! 

Why is the diagnostic not available outside of the UK / Ireland?

Due to postage restrictions for the heart monitoring device, we are not able to extend this offer outside of the UK / Ireland. 

Do you offer a payment plan?

In exceptional cases we offer payment plans. Please contact us to find out more. 

What if I don't like the class? What are the cancellation terms?

We really hope you love it! If your are not happy with your decision however, refunds are possible under the following terms:

- Cancellation before the start of the programme - full refund, less £10 admin fee.
- Cancellation within 1 week of starting programme - 90% refund 

- Cancellation within 2 weeks of starting programme - 75% refund

- Cancellation after 2 weeks of starting programme - no refund

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