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Be Your Best Self

Using psychology, neuroscience and functional nutrition to help you be your best self. 

We curate life-changing programmes designed to help you be your best. 

Whether you need coaching, resilience-building, a physical boost or to master mindfulness, all of our programmes follow these core principles:

EXPLORE: understand yourself and start your journey

TRANSFORM: our practitioners use a mix of education and practical application

THRIVE: you are now equipped with skills that last a lifetime. We are here to offer extra support if you need it.

Our Experts

Subject-matter experts who help you live a life with greater meaning, purpose, health and fulfilment. 

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Claire Clerkin



Claire is a BANT-registered Nutritional Therapist with 10 year's experience. 


She runs a busy nutrition practice online and in Belfast, Northern Ireland and helps clients achieve their health goals using the principles of functional medicine. Claire is also a Director at Wiser Working, where she leads the diagnostic and corporate wellness practice. 

Her experience working in busy London marketing consultancies and the resulting work/life imbalance, means that Claire is well-positioned to help busy people optimise their health and well-being. 

Her specialisms include: energy, gut health, female hormone balance and stress-related health issues.

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Bernadette Dijkhuizen-Keogh



Bernadette is a Mindfulness Trainer and Nutritional Therapist with a quest to help people live happier and healthier lives through mindful living and healthy eating.

Having worked for over 15 years in highly pressurised business development and marketing roles, she now brings her life experience to mindfulness teaching and nutritional therapy.

She lives in Den Haag, The Netherlands where she runs online and in-person workshops and corporate training.


Bernadette has been practising mindfulness and meditation for over 20 years in various traditions. She uses her experience to connect with the issues that people are facing and to work on practical solutions through mindful living.

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Noel Clerkin


Noel Bio.JPG

Noel has been working as an executive coach, trainer and facilitator since 2002. Previously, he spent 12 years in financial services and technology roles in Dublin, Paris , London and New York. 

Having worked with hundreds of clients over the years, Noel has witnessed the common pitfalls that undermine people's performance, well-being and relationships, including the role of stress.


He has helped people overcome the most extreme pressures, lead more effectively and establish more balance in their busy lives. 



Noel's personal mission is to ensure that his clients can enjoy the experience of being alive, as well as changing the thoughts and behaviours that are keeping them stuck. 

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