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30-Day Energy Reboot

Regain your Zest for Life!

Start date: Wednesday 7th October, 2020 at 6:30pm (BST)


Do you ask yourself:  'Why am I so tired?'


This course will help you find the answer. 

  • 30 Days

A functional nutrition diet and lifestyle programme to boost your energy levels. 

  • Nutrition Guidance from an Expert

The course is designed by BANT Registered Nutritional Therapist, Claire Clerkin. You’ll gain from years of clinical experience and enjoy professional-level advice. 

  • Weekly Online Masterclasses

Each week, participants will develop their nutrition knowledge through online masterclasses.

Programme Benefits

The 30-Day Energy Reboot programme includes:

Detailed Programme Pack

Including recipes, meal plans and nutrition/lifestyle information. Plus weekly self-assessment questionnaires. 

Four hours of nutrition-focused education

45-minute, webinars twice a week, to get deeper on the root causes of low energy and how to address them. These will be recorded for those who can't attend live.

Personalised Adjustments

Course content can be modified for dietary requirements (celiac, vegan, food allergies etc).

Evidence-based Approach

The programme contents are based on the latest nutritional science and research.

Weekly Support

Post-webinar emails and closed Facebook support group for all your questions and success stories.

Programme Outline
Masterclass Modules

In the true spirit of functional medicine, this programme will delve into the root causes of what could be causing your low energy.


The practical 30-day programme includes elements that address the possible causes, and during the course you will explore each topic in depth - building your knowledge base for long-term self-management. 

Session 1:

The Basics

An introduction to a new way to approach long-term health.

Discover the basics of energy management through diet. We'll look at the basics of what foods help and hinder good energy and get you set up for 30-day success.

Session 2:

Nutrients for Energy

Learn which nutrients are essential for energy metabolism, where to get them and how they are best absorbed. Analyse your food diary for any gaps.

Session 3:

The Gut Factor

In this session we'll explore the connection between gut health and low energy. Learn why a healthy gut is essential to improving energy and how to nurture your microbiome. We'll also touch on food intolerances.

Session 4:

Lifestyle Factors

It’s not just about diet. Discover the science behind sleep, physical activity and good energy levels.  We'll look at solutions for improving sleep and how physical activity can both help and hamper energy levels.

Session 5:

The Stress Factor

A look at how stress makes you tired and the functional medicine approach to support your adrenal glands.

Session 6:

Hormonal Connections

A fully functioning endocrine system is essential for good energy. We'll look at hormonal imbalance, including thyroid health as part of this session. 

Session 7:

The Gene Factor

A simple overview of how advancements in DNA mapping have helped to shed light on genetic reasons for low energy, and food-based solutions to get around 'dirty genes'. 

Session 8:

The Interconnected Web

Bringing it all Together – reviewing all course content , tips to send you on your way and considerations for the future. At the end of this session you'll have a clearer understanding of what may be at the root cause of your energy issues. 

The information on the webinar is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a replacement for medical advice or to diagnose or treat any condition. Please see the FAQs for more details. 


30-day Energy Reboot



This in-depth, integrated nutrition programme includes:

  • Programme pack with menu plans and recipes

  • 8 online learning masterclass sessions

  • All masterclass materials and self-assessment questionnaires

  • Discounts for other Wiser Living programmes

Start date: Wednesday 7th October, 2020 at 6:30pm (BST)

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Programme Tutor: Claire Clerkin

Nutritional Therapist with 10 year's experience.

Claire is a BANT Registered Nutritional Therapist and nutrition lecturer based in Northern Ireland.

Having worked with hundreds of clients over the years, Claire has seen first hand the benefits that functional nutrition has on improving energy levels. 

Claire has curated this programme to include practical tips and in-depth information to help participants gain and maintain abundant energy. 

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About Claire

Is this programme suitable for everyone?

The programme is suitable for most people, but we cannot accept participants who:


  • Are under 18

  • Pregnant

  • Have kidney failure or cancer. 

This course is also not suitable for those with diagnosed Chronic Fatique Syndrome / ME.​

Can the programme be adjusted to suit my needs?

Yes, there are adjustments available for special dietary requirements (e.g. vegan / vegetarian / coeliac). If you are not sure, please contact us with your query. 

How do I access the Masterclasses?

The 30-minute classes will be delivered twice a week via Zoom. Once you have signed up to the programme you will be sent the access code. If you cannot make the live class, you will be emailed the recorded session.

How much time will I need to dedicate to the programme?

There are four hours of masterclasses (30 min x twice a week) and some other optional activities you can do at home. You will also need to factor in time for preparing meals.

Do I need to know how to cook?

No! Even though all the meals should be prepared from scratch, basic skills are all you need. You will be given all the information and support you need to make the most of the programme.

Will I need to follow a strict diet?

This programme is not an extreme diet, but you will need to commit to making some changes. The programme is self-paced. You will be provided with the overarching guidance and recommendations, but can follow these at your own pace. The only caveat is that you may not notice results as quickly.

Do I get 1:1 advice from Claire?

No, unfortunately it is not possible for me to safely advise you on your specific situation without a full consultation. However, you do receive discounts on 1:1 consultations as part of the course benefits, in case you decide that you need individual advice.

Is this programme for men, women or both?

The 30-Day Energy Revive programme is for everyone! 

What if I don't like the class? What are the cancellation terms?

We really hope you love it! But, we are happy to offer  a full refund if you are not satisfied with the programme.

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